About Engraved To Last

Over the past 20 years Engraved to Last has produced tens of thousands of custom-engraved and painted full-sized baseball and softball bats for customers that recognize special achievements and events with hand-crafted keepsake awards. Many of our customers have been purchasing custom bats from our company for many years including several that have been ongoing customers since our very early days.

Our company provides special awards and gifts to the following market segments:

  • Corporate and Business to Business
  • Athletic Teams
  • Special Occasions
  • Government / Military / Code Enforcement / Associations
custom bat engraver

What follows is a brief sampling of some of the types of organizations served by Engraved to Last, and some of the ways that many of them utilize our products as valued components of their special recognition programs:

  • Corporations – annual recognition of top-performing sales teams (i.e. “Big Hitters”), top vendors, and customers.
  • Business to Business – annual recognition of top vendors and customers; gifts for new business openings and expansion (i.e. “Opening Day”).
  • High Schools, Colleges & Universities, Prep Schools – annual gifts to graduating seniors; senior night gifts; recognition of league titles and championships.
  • Travel teams – recognition of players’ selection to team or graduation to next level; league championships; celebrate team performance.
  • Financial Services – Sales rep recognition of financial transactions; Mergers & Acquisition team recognition of business transactions; customer recognition; corporate promotion.
  • Real Estate – recognition of real estate sales and completion of development projects; corporate promotion.
  • Law Firms – recognize legal teams and advisors for completion of special engagements.
  • Hospitality – annual recognition of top vendors and top sales performers.
  • Military / Code Enforcement / Justice Agencies – recognize task forces for completion of missions and engagements at the federal and state level; personnel retirements.
  • Associations – donor recognition; fund-raising; organization promotion; special event recognition.
  • Tournament Directors – awards to championship teams and runners-up.
  • Hosting Special Events – recognize attendance and participation at special events.